2019/2020 Daystar University General Notice

2019/2020 Daystar University General Notice-January intakes

we are pleased to inform you about 2019/2020 Daystar University General Notice

Daystar University is a Christian institution of higher learning, a community of scholars from various
racial and ethnic groups, nations and backgrounds. Pursuant to our Mission, Vision and Core values,
Daystar University offers a Christocentric education with a view to serving the Church and society
whose curriculum includes general education courses required for all students. By coming to Daystar,
the students indicate their commitment to comply with the existing standards including the vision,
Mission and values of Daystar
University in thought, word and deed. No student will be allowed to participate in ANY leadership
position unless he/she exemplifies these standards. It is expected that Daystar students will exemplify a
God-controlled life, both on and off the Daystar campuses.
Upon admission, students are expected to familiarize themselves with the contents of the Students’
Spiritual Nurture
The Chaplaincy team spearheads the spiritual nurture activities in the University. All students commit
themselves to participate in all University spiritual nurture programs including but not limited to
chapel-attendance, bible study groups and Christ-centered mentorship programs.
Daystar University trains and equips servant leaders for the expansion of God’s kingdom in the world,
with special focus on Africa.
Effective leaders must be disciplined in word, action and thought life. The following are not permissible
to students of Daystar University:
Use or possession of alcohol,
Use or possession of illegal drugs,
Use or possession of obscene or pornographic materials,
Indulgence in immoral sexual behaviors
Use of offensive language,
Indecent dressing,
Plagiarism and any other form of academic dishonesty
Unauthorized absenteeism of oneself from classes and chapel,
And other practices which are questionable in Christian living.
Dress Code
Daystar University aspires to inculcate a culture of professionalism in all aspects of an individual’s
physical appearance. The standard expectation of hairstyle and dressing for both men and women is
cleanliness, modesty and decency. It is also unacceptable to pierce one’s nose, navel, eye brows,
tongue or to wear tattoos on one’s body.
Standard of dress for Women
The length of dresses and skirts should be below the knee line (when standing and sitting). Skirt slits
should be modest and should be no higher than the top of the knee. Dressing that is unacceptable for
female students includes but not limited to low necklines, body tight trousers, bare-backs, navelgazers
(tumbo-cut), see through clothing, and spaghetti tops, among others.

Standard of dress for Men
Male students are expected to wear properly groomed hair. They are not allowed to braid their hair in any
form of locks or braids, wear head-scarfs, wear earrings and studs, wear sagging trousers, wear hats in
class or chapel functions and they are not allowed to display bare chest.
Resolving Grievances
The Daystar University community believes in the dialogue approach to settling of grievances or
misunderstandings that may arise from time to time. Every opportunity will be provided for dialogue.
Therefore, boycotts, strikes, riots, sit-ins, protests, unruly behavior, incitement or any form of mass
indiscipline are not allowed for students at Daystar University.
Any student who will not conform to this code, or whose conduct is detrimental to the total
welfare of the Daystar Community, shall be subject to disciplinary action, which may result in
suspension or dismissal.

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