ACC has completely lost integrity-See Details

    ACC has completely lost integrity-Access Full Details Below

    The Anti-Corruption Commission has further destroyed its already battered credibility, integrity.

    The Anti-Corruption Commission is today seen by many Zambians to be a compromised agency. It is seen to be a dishonest institution under the political control and direction of State House. Very little that comes out of the Anti-Corruption Commission is believed by Zambians.

    And the Anti-Corruption Commission’s poor handling of the 48 houses issue in Lusaka’s Chalala area has not helped matters. It has led to more and more speculation and innuendos.

    Conduct out-of-alignment can damage more than the reputation of an institution.

    We all know integrity is important. But why? Why does integrity matter?
    Poor integrity hurts reputation and people don’t trust an institution with a shady reputation.

    But there is more. Why else is integrity important?
    But what is integrity?

    It is not honesty. It is not character. It is not goodness. No, integrity means wholeness or oneness. An institution with integrity has perfect alignment between its statements or pronouncements, actions, and values. An institution of integrity is not divided. It does not state one thing and do another. It’s consistent to its core.

    It’s clear why integrity is both rare and extremely important. It is a virtue that great institutions improve and intentionally cultivate.

    So what happens when an institution is out of alignment?

    When integrity is lacking, the dominoes begin to fall. It is a chain reaction. One thing falls and knocks down another, which knocks down another, and another, and so on, and so on, and so on.

    When an institution’s statements and actions are out of sync it causes silly mistakes to be made. It is not easy to do two opposing things at the same time. This multiplies poor choices.

    Discipline is not easy, and it is next to impossible when integrity is out of whack.
    Loss of reputation is one of the first consequences of poor integrity. You will fool some people, but sooner or later an institution’s reputation suffers if its practices are out of alignment.

    A bridge that is cracked down the middle does not have structural integrity. It is obviously damaged, but what about a bridge with a lot of small cracks? The small cracks have not destroyed the bridge, but if they are not repaired then they will become bigger and bigger. This is a good image of how integrity can corrode over time.

    If left unattended small cracks will become bigger, and ultimately an institution will crumble as a result of poor integrity.

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