Bembas Distances Themselves From GBM And President Lungu’s Tribal Alliance-See Details

    Bembas Distances Themselves From GBM And President Lungu’s Tribal Alliance-Access Full Details Below

    To Access Full details, kindly follow this link Or if you want to download full information in PDF, Kindly click here

    Bwalya Ng’andu Nkula wrote..

    Country men and women, fellow compatriots and all men and women with progressive minds, let’s gather here and publicly condemn politics of foolishness and unwarranted vindictiveness.

    First and foremost, of paramount importance I seek to EXONERATE myself as a BEMBA, and a true blue one at that, that I BWALYA NG’ANDU NKULA WISH TO DISTANCE MYSELF IN THE FURTHEST WAY POSSIBLE FROM POLITICS OF HATE AND TRIBALISM. In my personal capacity, I wish to state that I take NO pride in people and characters that seem to cherish and thrive on maligning other ethnic groupings while hiding behind the facade of politics. TRIBALISM IS NOT POLITICS!!!!

    ROYALTY PEDDLES NO DIVISIVENESS!! On this one aspect alone, and with a lot of humility, I ask to speak with some degree of INTENSE AUTHORITY because I know so from experience.

    I was brought up in the centre and at the core of BEMBA royalty. Again, with a lot of humility and a tinge of disappointment and shame, let me qualify my claims. My father, Mr. Victor Vernon Chisanga Ng’andu and ALL his brothers were Chiefs. Quite Honourable ones I must say. The first born was Mr. Lakement Mutale Ng’andu (Mutale Chitapankwa, Paramount Chief Chitimukulu No. 36 who was ALSO the last Member of the Central Committee for Kasama in the UNIP government). His young brother, my father, Mr. Victor Vernon Chisanga Ng’andu (Senior Chief Nkula, Katongo WeChinga Nkula Chewe N. 8, who was ALSO the last District Governor for Chinsali in the UNIP government). Their young brother and last born Mr. Steven Bwalya Ng’andu was Chief Chikwanda in Mpika.

    Now, if you understand, or indeed care to understand anything about Bemba royalty, you will appreciate what am talking about. There was a time when we held the Bemba Royal Dynasty right in our family. I’m yet to learn in the history of the Bemba royal totem of abena Ng’andu when a single family ever laid claim to such authority. I still submit I stand to be guided by scholars of classic history.

    To Access Full details, kindly follow this link Or if you want to download full information in PDF, Kindly click here

    All I have said IS NOT ABOUT PROJECTING MYSELF in a certain light of being the Bemba most, IT’S NOT ABOUT THAT AT ALL!! Rather, it emanates from the frustration of seeing self appointed spokespersons for the Bembas who in the process of struggling very hard to enhance their personal political egos and personalities are “juxtaposing” the Bembas with other tribes in the most embarrasing and dangerous of ways. This is NOT politics, it’s simply CRIMINAL AND PRIMITIVE!!! I feel duty bound and sincerely compelled to add a “voice of reason” in my own little way. If people think by belonging to the Bemba royal establishment they have the uncommissioned duty and right to go around disrespecting other people of different ethnic background, I have EVERY RIGHT to counter such nonsense in equal if not more abrasive measure and manner. That is not the way one can render oneself relevant to politics. If anything, it is a sure and more definite way of exonerating oneself from the warmth of the clan.

    It is just incorrect and inhuman to crucify an entire tribe because of perceived political differences with a given individual. I have a lot of wonderful and nearly angelic friends, both male and female, from other tribes just as much as I have the most foolish and intolerable Bemba brothers and sisters.

    STOP DRAGGING US in your political mad and murky hallucinations. You think the entire Bemba land is ready to march on other people for you??


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