Ex- Head Teacher says President Lungu was always a group A pupil-See Details

    Ex- Head Teacher says President Lungu was always a group A pupil-Access Full Details Below


    President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s former primary school teacher has told a magistrate that the head of state was among the brainiest pupils in his class at Ishuko Primary School in Chimwemwe Township , Kitwe. The teacher was testifying in a case New Labour Party president Fresher Siwale is accused of defaming President Lungu.

    Siwale is alleged to have published words questioning the identity of Mr. Lungu. During trial yesterday, Nelson Dhliwayo , a retired Teacher, told the court that in 2014, he was approached by Charles Muleba, his former pupil who also used to be President Lungu’s classmate at Ishuko School.

    Mr. Dhliwayo , a farmer, said Mr. Muleba approached him and informed him that his former student , Edgar Lungu, was a Cabinet Minister.

    ” He revealed to me that the first class I taught, after graduation , there was a boy ( then ) by the name of Edgar Lungu ( who is a Minister ) he said.

    Mr. Dhliwayo said in 2014, he travelled from Kitwe to Lusaka to meet Mr. Lungu, who was then at the Ministry of Home Affairs. ” After walking into the office, the moment he saw me, Edgar stood up. I asked him if he could remember me, he said yes. We both recognized each other and began to talk, ” he said.

    Mr. Dhliwayo said the President was one of his brightest pupils who used to get distinctions in weekly tests and ‘ he was always in group A ‘.

    ” I used to ask Edgar Lungu to remain in charge of the class whenever we had staff meetings. I was not really surprised when I heard that he is a Cabinet Minister because his qualities followed him, ” Mr. Dhliwayo said.

    He said : ” The ‘ boy’ I taught, Edgar Lungu, ( latter ) became President of the Republic of Zambia. ”

    ” He lived in Chimwemwe, house number 4001. Looking at the President’s physical traits, he has not changed much, ” Mr. Dhliwayo said.

    He also said in 1972, Mr. Lungu went to Mukuba Secondary School in grade 9. Meanwhile, the defence in the matter applied to have it referred to the Constitutional Court for determination of questions raised.

    Some of the questions include whether the protection of Siwale under section 69 of the Penal Code is in violation of rights to tral in the Bill of Rights enshrined under Article 18 clause of the Constitution.


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