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Full Details: Political Persecution Cannot Intimidate Or Break Me Down Says Martha Mushipe

Political Persecution Cannot Intimidate Or Break Me Down Says Martha Mushipe. See full details below.

Martha Mushipe


UPND lawyer Martha Mushipe has been dragged to court by the landlord of the property her law firm, Martha Mushipe and Associates law, had been renting as office space. The law firm, which was closed last year after Counsel Mushipe’s law practicing license was suspended, had allegedly accumulated rentals arrears amounting to K70,000 and the landlord wants this matter to settled through a court process.

We do not want to concentrate so much on the rentals for the law firm but the political persecution surrounding Martha Mushipe as a person.
Not long ago Martha Mushipe and Associates’s office was broken into and a lot of properties including court documents involving many clients was stolen. This happened when the law firm was still renting office space at Mulungushi Village. We expected the police to investigate and arrest the thieves but shockingly state police sealed off the law firm, grounding all its operations and later arrested Mushipe and charged her with being in possession of seditious materials (PF document outlining their plans to harm opposition members).
This forced Mushipe to relocate her office to a new location for security reasons. However, her enemies did not give up and this time they used the Law Association of Zambia to fight the UPND lawyer.

It is very saddening that just a few day after commemorating International Women’s Day, we are seeing a brilliant woman who is trying to establish herself being persecuted all because she does not support the Patriotic Front administration. What is even more saddening is to see a noble institution like LAZ being used to fight this hard working woman.

Its not that we are attacking LAZ butweve just commemorated Women’s Day.how many women are in decision making positions? How many are likely to progress if they continue to pull them down in the manner they did to Martha Mushipe?

The Legal Practitioners Committee of the Law Association of Zambia does not protect its lawyers. In fact it is an elimination squad. They suspend fellow lawyers indefinitely without a formal trial on allegations that need to be subjected to vigorous cross examination. Instead of suspending a lawyer for a definite period of time, they do so indefinitely and refer matters to the disciplinary committee which takes years to dispose off matters.

As a result of this we see lawyers being rendered destitute. How fair is this process? They call it a noble career! Are the lawyers on these committees noble that they feel obligated to take away someone’s bread and butter? These lawyers have school, college or university fees to pay, What becomes of the children or the people dependent upon these lawyers?

What is so different with other careers? It takes a minimum of five years for one to qualify as a practicing lawyer. Passing ZIALE is another thing. Parents suffer to take theirbchildren to school to study law, only for their hopes to be dashed by these suspensions! LAZ must change it’s ways of handling matters.

Anyway as Friends of HH we stand with Martha Mushipe during this period of Political persecution and we want to encourage our vibrate counsel not to be intimidated because this too shall pass. We pray for heavenly protection on Martha Mushipe and all those being persecuted for not supporting the PF government, this shall pass and we shall rejoice and shout,
free at last!!
Free at last!!
Thank God we are free at last!!!

Friends of HH

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