Hakainde Hichilema Is Not A Loser-See Details

    Hakainde Hichilema Is Not A Loser-Access Full Details Below


    By Purity Banda.

    Infact HH is not a loser. We are the losers for voting based on trivial reasons because we contribute to the downfall of this country. It’s not HH!!!

    If we were voting correctly, we were going to be winners by having the country which has meaningful leadership.

    Honestly, how do we confidently say that HH is a loser in this state we are in? Are we really winners?

    How do we become winners as citizens when mealie meal price is more than K130? How are we not losers when under the leadership we voted meal allowances for orphans in Universities were scrapt off?

    How are we winners when under this regime we voted, Universities faced closures? How are we winners when there is no employment creation in the country? How are we winners when we can’t find the owner of 48 houses? Questions are endless………..

    Fellow Zambians, we become winners when things are ok in the country.

    Winning an election is not an indicator of greatness but what happens after an election is what matters most.

    We have to unite and protect this country together noti ivo va tribalism which some selfish politicians are using to mock us by blinding us from seeing things on a broader picture.

    Youth Leader:PB


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