Hands Off, Let Zambians Investigate The 48 Houses-See Details

    Hands Off, Let Zambians Investigate The 48 Houses-Access Full Details Below


    By Mwango.
    EDGAR Lungu’s appetite for popularity has pushed him to concentrate on fishing from UPND ‘ponds’ hoping to make Zambia’s strongest political party weak.

    In Zambia, history has taught the citizens that when corruption levels go through the roof at State house it confirms the beginning of the end of a sitting government.

    Mr Lungu knows that he has nothing new to say or offer the people of Zambia as we head to his final days in office hence resorting to the popularity ‘yanembo (tattoos).

    But how remarkable that the people of Zambia trust the voice of the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and believe in his leadership more than Mr Lungu.

    Today, as a result of a noticeable vacuum of the leadership voice in the Zambian government, the citizens have a right to listen to the alternative, right and sensible voice of Mr Hichilema.

    The once upon a time 100 % strong PF membership is now at its weakest having been broken into three weaker parties by the current corrupt, arrogant and failed leadership.

    Just when Mr Lungu challenged the Yellow Card team to provide evidence on corruption or face arrest, the same ACC has presented the people of Zambia with a scandalous case of 48 houses to act on!

    Since the ACC has failed and closed the case, we ask Mr Lungu to get get his hands off the case, jump on his presidential jet, stretch out, cross his legs, sip the finest whisky and fly the sky.

    But we the people of this ‘troubled’ country shall then allow the Yellow Card team to investigate the disgraceful 48 houses which grew from beneath the Zambian soil by an act of high-level corruption.

    For Mr Lungu to ask Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo to pick up the investigation of the 48 scandalous houses is like asking the devil to be born again!

    If his hands are clean; which is impossible, Mr Lungu should give way and allow the Yellow Card team to conclude the investigations in the interest of the people of Zambia.

    There shall be no dirty hands on the presidential ballot in 2021 and Mr Lungu will not force himself on the people of Zambia the way he forced himself on PF in 2015.

    In any case what brilliant policies or social and economic decisions will he give as an Oldman-in-State house when he has lamentably failed to the best of himself as a younger president?

    Clearly, Mr Lungu’s time is up.



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