HH is the manager Zambia needs-See Details

    HH is the manager Zambia needs-Access Full Details Below


    1-He Foretold the current economic mess ..PF called him bitter

    2-He has a clear economic plan to steer the country to economic growth..reduce debt cheaper money, land to be given to Zambian citizens only that they can use as capital.


    3-All investors to partner with Zambians. This is real economic empowerment.

    4-Zero Tolerance to corruption will spur investment and save billions meant for education, health and other sectors of the economy.


    5-Institutional reforms ,electoral,judicial,police will bring sanity in governance and rule of law will prevail and nobody will be above the law

    The list is endless…
    Country men and women there is no better candidate to steer this country towards economic growth.


    HH isn’t an orator but he is frank and speaks the truth. He foresaw the mess we are in, warned us, we called him all bad names.

    Today he is vindicated and is offering free solutions. Listen to the message and don’t shoot down the messenger.

    Zambians, please give HH a chance. He is our only sober realistic hope for a united and prosperous Zambia.

    God bless Zambia




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