I Was Impregnated By His Cousin-See Details

    I Was Impregnated By His Cousin-Access Full Details Below

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    “My hubby failed to impregnate me for 4 years, and I had no option but to go for his cousin!”, she said.

    A 21 year old woman of Mongu whose hubby collapsed on Saturday when she told him he was not the owner of the new born baby, has disclosed that she was impregnated by ‘Samuel Sikota’ the first cousin to her husband.

    Ms Inonge Nalishebo said she got married to Mr Mukumbuta Mbanga 4 years ago when she was 17 but that the man has been failing to make her pregnant. And so instead of sleeping with other men, she decided to maintain the same bloodline by sleeping with his first cousin whom she said managed to do the work within 2 months, and now she has a bouncing baby girl with him. Nalishebo said she decided to disclose the paternity of her daughter because she thought it was evil to subject her hubby to sponsor the child who is not his.

    “I wanted to say the truth because it was a burden to me, I am now relieved. I am ready for divorce if he wants to divorce me for having a child with his cousin and I am ready to continue being with him if he accepts my daughter”, she said.

    She added that she was advised to sleep with the cousin to her man by the husband’s relatives. “It was not my choice, by advice from his own relatives”.

    To Access Full details, kindly follow this link Or if you want to download full information in PDF, Kindly click here

    On Saturday, a 22 year old man collapsed in Mongu and was rushed to Lewanika General Hospital after being told by his wife that he was not the owner of their new born baby girl, who is the first born.

    Mr Mukumbuta Mbanga, a resident of Kapulanga collapsed upon being informed by his wife that the new born baby was not his but for his cousin Sikota.

    Mr Mbanga is still admitted at Lewanika General Hospital for medical treatment and he is expected to be discharged tomorrow after undergoing counselling.


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