Investigate Hichilema, Might Be Owner Of 48 Houses Charges GBM-See Details

    Investigate Hichilema, Might Be Owner Of 48 Houses Charges GBM-Access Full Details Below


    Patriotic Front senior cadre Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba alias GBM says the puzzle to the owner of the mysterious 48 houses might lead to UPND leader as he built everywhere around Chalala using money he stole during privatization.

    Mr Mwamba who has been tasked to dismantle all the UPND structures in Kasama and the entire Northern Province which is his stronghold for the PF says Hichilema is playing Politics on 48 houses.

    He says the houses might be linked to the UPND leader who is desperate of becoming Preaident.

    GBM says he has provided documents to the Anti Corruption Commission that directly link UPND leader Hakainde Hichilemato the 48 houses.

    According to Mr Mwamba the house were registered under Mr Wesley Brown of Indigo financial services a company registered in Bermuda islands in the British overseas territory which is a tax haven.

    Mr. Mwamba says Wesley Brown owns some shares in Hakainde Hichilema’s different corporations and group of companies.

    “It is therefore very easy to put up the pieces and conclude that somehow HH is involved in the ownership of the mysterious 48 houses.” He said.

    “It has been a very big challenge for ACC to identify the real owner because rentals to the property is been deposited to an international bank account belonging to Hichilema” mr. Mwamba said.

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