IT’S DANGEROUS…for Lungu, HH to meet under any circumstances now, says chief Mukuni-See Details

    IT’S DANGEROUS…for Lungu, HH to meet under any circumstances now, says chief Mukuni-Access Full Details Below

    IT is dangerous for President Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema to meet under the current conditions perpetrated by the Head of State’s tribal remarks, says chief Mukuni.

    And chief Mukuni, whose chiefdom extends over Livingstone, Kazungula and Zimba, says President Lungu has tasked him to arrange a meeting between HH and himself.

    In an interview, chief Mukuni said what was happening in the USA [shootings] could happen in Zambia due to hate speech.

    “What is happening in the USA where over 20 people have been gunned down by white extremists who are seemingly following Donald Trump’s racist remarks; this can happen here. Someone my take President Lungu’s unguarded language and think that it is a veiled instruction to do harm to others, especially HH,” he said.

    “In one breath he says he is ready for dialogue and is ready to meet HH and yet in another breath he says HH won’t be president. Under the circumstances, let the President wait patiently for the unavoidable day in 2021 when as outgoing President, the law provides for him to handover on a one to one to the incoming President, who will be HH. That would be the most appropriate time for him to do his penances without the church mother bodies presiding. As at now, it is very dangerous for Mr Lungu and HH to meet under any circumstances,” chief Mukuni said.

    He added that he was shocked at President Lungu’s remarks against HH after having tasked him (chief Mukuni) to arrange for a one to one meeting with the opposition leader.

    “It is shocking because President Lungu had asked me and chief Simamba to arrange for a meeting with HH,” chief Mukuni said.

    He appealed to President Lungu to reflect on the gravity of his statement and apologise to Hichilema and the Tongas.

    “We as Tonga traditional leaders are always responsive to people’s mistakes and those that say sorry as did Mr Chishimba Kambwili, we always say you are welcome and we even invite such people to even mingle with us and see how we welcome other tribes. We are not tribal at all. Ask the Bemba speaking headmen in Namwala and fishermen in Bweengwa. You will learn that we don’t see tribe, we see humanity, we see Zambians. So Mr Lungu should not divide us,” said chief Mukuni.

    Before departing Livingstone recently after attending the inaugural National Economic Summit, President Lungu said a Tonga will one day rule Zambia, but certainly not the one that’s aspiring now, in reference to UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema.

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