Kampyongo Incompetent To Handle 48 Houses Matter-TIZ-See Details

    Kampyongo Incompetent To Handle 48 Houses Matter-TIZ-Access Full Details Below

    Kampyongo Incompetent To Handle 48 Houses Matter-TIZ
    By Patricia Mbewe

    Transparency Intenational Zambia –TIZ-says it finds it strange for President Edgar Lungu to instruct home affairs minister, Stephen Kampyongo to further investigate the 48 flats saga.

    TIZ Executive Director, Wesley Chibamba says this is because Mr. Kampyongo is not a competent authority to handle such matters and the decision is tantamount to political interference in the work of the law enforcement agencies.

    In a statement issued to Phoenix News, Mr. Chibamba states that technically, president lungu has passed a vote of no confidence in the Anti-Corruption Commission and the rightful step to take is to ask the Commission, who have the mandate of investigating such matters, to re-open the case taking into account the public outcry.

    He is of the view that a joint taskforce which brings in experts from other government agencies, could be established but run under the guidance of the ACC.

    The TIZ Executive Director says it unbelievable that the ACC has purportedly decided to close the case against a Ministry of Finance official who allegedly owned 48 housing units in Lusaka on grounds that the matter lacked evidence linking him to the said properties.

    Mr. Chibamba says it is TIZ’s considered view that the reasons advanced by ACC for its actions are unsatisfactory and counterproductive to the fight against corruption.

    He says this approach will undoubtedly encourage many other unscrupulous public servants and members of the general public to commit similar offences knowing fully well the self-inflicted incapacity by the ACC to identify owners of such properties.

    Meanwhile, the Patriotic Front has welcomed President Edgar Lungu’s directive for investigative wings to reopen the probe into the 48 houses suspected to have been bought through proceeds of crime.

    Party Secretary General Davies Mwila has reiterated the PF’s commitment to the fight against corruption through established investigative agencies and promotion of the rule of law.

    Mr. Mwila says the ruling party could not understand how properties such as houses could end up without anyone owning them and has called on all investigative agencies to do Zambians justice by ensuring that all culprits involved are brought to justice.


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