Kebby Mbewe reports Kambwili to woodlands Police-See Details

    Kebby Mbewe reports Kambwili to woodlands Police-Access Full Details Below

    “We hope to see Mr. Kambwili in court as soon as possible so that he can tell the court exactly what the President said”-MCC

    …. As PF member of the Central Committee (MCC) Mr. Kebby Mbewe reports Kambwili to woodlands Police

    Lusaka—-Wednesday, August 14th 2019

    By Smart Eagles Reporter

    The Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee (MCC) Mr. Kebby Mbewe has reported NDC leader Chishimba Kabwili to the Police for Making false accusations against President Edgar Lungu.

    Mr. Mbewe said he has reported the matter to the police as a concerned citizen to protect the Office of the President.

    Speaking to journalists shortly after reporting the matter at woodlands police, Mr. Mbewe explained that it was not right for Mr. Kambwili to give the public misleading and inflated figures and statements about the construction of a hospital to the public when the head of state said otherwise.

    He said Mr. Kambwili’s continued misleading statements have the potential to dent Zambia’s image against the international community.

    “I have reported this matter to woodlands police station where I have left it to the hands of the police. As a citizen and an MCC I have done my part to protect the Office of the President and the Zambian people because we don’t want one day the country to go in chaos coz of individuals that are bitter, Individuals with intentions to twist every statement that the President makes.”

    He maintained that he reported the matter to the Police on grounds that he has every right as a Zambian Citizen.


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