LAZ President Threatens Tutwa Ngulube With Legal Action-See Details

    LAZ President Threatens Tutwa Ngulube With Legal Action-Access Full Details Below

    Tutwa Ngulube


    LAZ president Eddie Mwitwa has threatened to take a legal suit against patriotic front deputy Chief whip Tutwa Ngulube for accusing him of being sponsored by the UPND to fight government over his petition on the Constitution amendment Bill number 10 of 2019.

    Mr. Mwitwa says he has instructed his lawyers to issue a demand letter to Mr. Ngulube to substantiate his claims.

    And the LAZ president has revealed that he strongly oppose to the allegations and does not admit to any of them and therefore hopes that Mr. Ngulube will be able to prove them by responding to his letter.

    In an audio that is making rounds on social media, Mr. Ngulube is heard calling for the impeachment of the LAZ president over his petition and also demanding that Constitutional lawyer John Sangwa must recuse himself from representing LAZ in this matter.

    On Monday, the Law Association of Zambia sued president Edgar Lungu, the attorney General Likando Kalaluka and the national assembly in the Constitution court for attempting to illegally alter the Constitution of Zambia through Bill number 10 of 2019.

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