People flock to Mwinilunga for Gold-See Details

    People flock to Mwinilunga for Gold-Access Full Details Below

    Gold has been discovered in a small river of kasensele in Mwinilunga district of Northwestern province.

    Many mwinilunga residents and people from outside the district have moved to this rural part of Mwinilunga in Chief Chibwika’s area hoping to get a share of the raw gold.

    Its alleged that a primary school teacher in the area grabbed some nuggets of gold from pupils who were playing with raw chunks of gold without knowing their worth.

    Out of curiosity , the teacher then asked the pupils where they got the stones from and they disclosed that they picked the nuggets from Kasensele River.

    Its also alleged that the teacher whose name has not been disclosed did the needful as he went to got more chunks which were awash on the banks of the Kasensele river after the heavy rains experienced last rain season.

    The teacher is said to have sold the raw gold to a businessman in Mwinilunga and bought three second hand vehicles.

    After many questions from the people as to how he has acquired so much wealth in a shortest period , the teacher disclosed the source of the riches and word spread and everyone descended on this rural outpost.

    Meanwhile, President Edgar Lungu has told the media that government is aware of the gold that has been discovered in Mwinilunga district.

    The president said government will soon allow miners with licences to start mining the gold in Mwinilunga after the place is secured.

    Speaking to journalists in Solwezi last week during his three days working visit, the president assured the people of Mwinilunga that he will not allow people from other places especially outside the country to come and mine the gold in Mwinilunga at the expense of local people.

    Police have since moved in and sealed the place. The Kasensele river is now being guarded 24/7hrs by state security.

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