Security wings must investigate possibilities of HH assassination by PF-See Details

    Security wings must investigate possibilities of HH assassination by PF-Access Full Details Below


    Security wings must investigate possiblities of HH assassination by PF

    James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku
    *RPP President.*

    The President is not God. Thus, he must comprehensively tell us what he means by saying HH will never rule this country.

    A PF musician named Kayombo has echoed this presidential conviction that HH will never rule our country Zambia.

    The fact why it’s difficult for us to take these pf death threats lightly is because they are being pronounced with hate and certainty.

    The President spoke with strong audacity, hate and strong conviction that HH will never be president.

    This we can’t take lightly as water under a bridge. This must be investigated. The President must clarify. He must tell us and he must elaborate why he thinks without doubt HH will never rule this Country.

    Both Kayombo and the President are not supernatural beings with supernatural powers to predict and pervert destiny.

    How come they are so sure President HH will never be president?

    We need answers here.

    Pf cadres are every where with guns and electrical offensive equipment.

    The President must tell us if he is not indirectly instructing these gun carrying cadres to assassinate President HH before 2021 so that he doesn’t ever become President.

    What do you mean ba President and what do you mean Kayombo when you say HH will never rule Zambia.

    What hidden motives do you have?

    Are we now in Pakistan where politics are Beniza butolised?

    Is the PF now thinking of Beniza Butolising our politics.

    The President’s careless talk as defended by Dora as mere jokes has the potential to flame up our country.

    This is the President who said wabomba mwibala walya mwibala. This was defended as a joke by pf.

    This is the President that echoed the six out of ten Bemba slogan. It was defended as a joke but Bemba youths are struggling to get jobs because Chinese Indians and all other employers are fearing to employ Bembas with the six out of ten tag.

    Now we have this tribal statement which can as well be interpreted as a a death threat.

    Thousands of pf members have taken to social media to state categorically that HH will never rule this country.

    What is even more threatening is that none of them is clarifying anything but they are all giving statements of fact that HH will never rule this country.

    Others can speculate. But this we have construed as death threats.

    James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku
    *RPP President*

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