South minister doesn’t think male frogs enjoy sex-See Details

    South minister doesn’t think male frogs enjoy sex-Access Full Details Below

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    Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale

    SOUTHERN Province Edify Hamukale has wondered if male frogs enjoy merely fertilising eggs which have already been laid by their females.

    Hamukale has occasionally talked s**x when addressing at public gatherings.

    He last year on July 18, at a correctional sports event in Livingstone, Hamukale asked the Zambia Correctional Service to consider building rooms where prisoners can have periodic sexual intercourse with their partners so as to help save marriages, reduce HIV infections, and avoid sodomy.

    “I am not dictating but perhaps in the next 20 years, you need to consider constructing rooms where conjugal rights are practiced. Conjugal rights are also human rights, and I am aware that some of your inmates are married. Both men and women and most of the time when they come out, they find that their husbands or wives have been taken by other women or other men, but if you give them an opportunity periodically to do the needful, I think you have gone into the right track, [you’ll] preserve a lot of marriages, because a lot of people get divorced or find that they are already divorced when they come out of your facilities,” he said.
    “I saw in Europe that they have rooms where things happen, but I was not very happy because they only give 30 minutes; please consider one hour, thirty minutes, otherwise it’s no longer love making. This (suggestion) you can give 20 or 30 years because I do consider that this costs money to build such rooms…and that will also help you reduce on the HIV and AIDS, it will reduce homosexuality, lesbianism practices if an inmate’s partner comes on an agreed calendar…you can decide as an authority what you consider an achievable frequency…conjugal rights are also human rights, but if you do not agree with me, please see me so that I can justify,” Hamukale said.

    In his social media posting headlined ‘Frogs never have s**x’, Hamukale wrote: “Frogs apply external fertilisation, but I am not sure if they enjoy it or not being a purely biological creation.”

    This led to a number of reactions from his followers with one, Joseph Benson, writing: “So the water we drink from streams contains frog sperms: Eish.”

    Catherine Tina Phiri commented: “I am learning.”

    To Access Full details, kindly follow this link Or if you want to download full information in PDF, Kindly click here

    Hastings Chilomo asked Hamukale if he was suggesting the same for humans.

    “Dr, the rationale here is not properly defined. Do you wish that humans were better off fertilising females by merely messaging them like frogs to avoid STIs and HIV? Are you imputing that frogs are not fully enjoying by not mating?” Chilomo asked.

    Cornelius Siakachoma told Hamukale that frogs enjoy it as s**x was absolutely in the mind.

    Bornface Ngoma hinted that frogs don’t know what they are missing.

    “I now have a reason to get upset when someone [who] addresses me as a frog. It is common in Eastern Province to call someone ‘CHULE,” said Ngoma.

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