There Was No Tonga Candidate In Katuba, PF’s Paul Moonga Must Grow Up-See Details

    There Was No Tonga Candidate In Katuba, PF’s Paul Moonga Must Grow Up-Access Full Details Below


    By Roy Makayi

    Effects of joining politics when you are dull and stupid : this is how they use you.

    At the time when non Tongas are fighting so hard to eradicate tribalism here are some people are 100% responsible for tribalism.
    Mr Moonga should reflect and grow up from this ignorant trajectory behavior.

    I used to hear that it’s what he does and denouncing the Tonga tribe is what got him promoted in PF.

    In Kafue after PF won Council Chairmanship Mr Paul Moonga paraded himself in front of camera’s and started crying like a fool why God made him a Tonga person. I was shocked and disappointed at him. He cried out and tore his shirt while wailing st2how he hates Tongas and that God should have made him an Easterner or Northerner.While his bizarre behaviour was in progress, PF where busy clapping mockingly and laughing at him.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes that a grown up person like Mr Moonga could reason like an imbecile in that way; here he is again.

    Mr Paul Moonga, no Tonga stood in Katuba. The area is predominantly Lenje.


    You say politics has no respect! yes especially when fools expose themselves like this. Indeed very few of us worship such kind of behaviour. In the next life, or I don’t know how nany lives God will ever give me. I am proud of my tribe and I will choose Luvale again even if am told I will be promoted to be vice president if I denounce my tribe I would rather ask for transport back to Zambezi olo pay forward I go back home than behaving like Mr Moonga.


    By the way in Katuba both PF and UPND candidates where Lenjes and that’s who they are that’s the tribe God gave them.

    I know it’s not Mr Moonga alone we know the king tribalist in this country making people to become fools like this.


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