We Must Stop Lungu’s Tyranny, Or Forget About Zambia-See Details

    We Must Stop Lungu’s Tyranny, Or Forget About Zambia-Access Full Details Below

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    By Jonathan Chanda
    It is interesting to see some power hungry politicians rejoining PF with intent to find an opportunity to lead the country.

    It is a well known fact that the majority of the politicians supporting Edgar Lungu today do not mean well.A number of them see no life in Lungu and they see an opportunity into leadership should anything happen to Lungu.

    They believe there are more opportunities in working with Lungu than allowing the opposition President Hakainde Hichilema to form government.

    What many Zambians do not realize is that the economic crisis which the PF have caused cannot be resolved by the PF.It requires fresh brains and a fresh Party in power.

    Between PF and UPND, it is clear that UPND is more equipped with economic skills than the PF.

    Many economic woes we experience today have been predicted by HH before.

    If many of us could remove the political lenses from our face and view HH intellectually, we would be talking about a prosperous modern Zambia today.

    Zambians should be warned that the continued hate that some PF officials have for HH is about protecting their stolen wealth and not that they care.

    Unfortunately, Zambians seem to be happy with the sinking economy.

    I pray to God that the economy sinks more under Lungu so that Zambians can learn that tribalism is costly.

    Some of you are denying yourself quality leadership because you want to avoid HH.

    Nensoni tamwakwata nakalya (You have no sense of shame at all).

    To Access Full details, kindly follow this link Or if you want to download full information in PDF, Kindly click here

    Some of us are pure Bembas yet we are going through untold misery caused by Lungu’s poor leadership. But we have continued to behave like mad people who continues supporting a failed leader.You should be reminded that nothing can come out of Edgar Lungu ,Period !!!

    The man has no clue on what economic policies can change the face of this country. He is simply stuck.

    If Lungu was given another 5 years today, Zambia would be mortgaged forever .

    Fellow Zambians, we should find a way of stopping Lungu and his PF from clinging on to power at all cost .

    We call upon the military, ZAF, ZNS and Police to be responsible and realize that it is because of their foolish fear that Zambians are suffering today.

    Your friends in other countries are protecting civilians but you are busy dining with crooks at the expense of your own children who struggling to get employment.

    You military personnel are responsible for the bad leadership we have today. Wrong things have been going on and you are quiet .

    Now that you have aided Lungu to be a dictator, you are now beginning to pay.Now that he is done with civil servants , he has now grown to a full dictator to even fire and retire military personnel in national interest.

    Mwalalapila bamakaka.Mulimbwa sana(You will be taught a lesson you dogs).

    We need noble men and women in Uniform not the crooks we have in the military who can’t fight for the poor.


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