When I Get Empowered Like Tasila Lungu-See Details

    When I Get Empowered Like Tasila Lungu-Access Full Details Below

    Tasila Lungu

    By Pamela Bwembya

    We all have things that matter the most to us. Most of us have unrestricted flow of cash as our alpha and omega. How the money gets to us matters less. It could be through pretending to run an organization like YALI or running a one-man political party like TAYALI, sorry about the rhyming names it is just a mere coincidence. Growing tomatoes out of season could be another way, especially these days when just thinking about what will be for supper is enough to shift your temperament from the warm to the freezing side. Money my friend is everything if the dignity of affording pads means anything to you.


    If I had an endless unexplained flow of money like Tasila I would not travel aimlessly across the country drilling boreholes across the country. I know you think acts of benevolence from a daughter of a compromised man are a good way of sanitizing a soiled name. I know she is doing it for some other hidden motives otherwise she wouldn’t buy prime time on PRIME TV to advertise her works to citizens that are eagerly waiting to hear what fresh nonsense has escaped the mouth of a full person they gave so much power.


    Sorry for unconsciously moving away from the main topic. This post is about what I will do for myself when I’m empowered. I know some of you feel empowered when someone buys you beer while others get the same feeling when they receive talktime. By the way, if you are close to Tasila tell her to just keep her money and dish it out to voters a few days before elections. That will be more effective.

    Our people only do and say lovely things after they are either full or are guaranteed of a meal in a few hours. Why do you think people say lovely things about the dead at funerals? Or why do you think our famous musicians like JK, Kayombo and Kings Malembe do what they do? Umuntu afwile alya olo aishiba ukwala fuma the next meal.

    If you think Tayali, Antonio Mwanza, Ntewewe, Isaac Mwanza and Sunday Chanda are idiots you are an idiot. Yes they are useful idiots but not your kind of idiots. Take Antonio for instance, he openly and shamelessly told ba mama Nawakwi that his kids were growing older. They needed education and good family support. it was time for him to sacrifice what he was loved for by many of us. The economy is hard bazanga, you just have to be tactical. In two years time we will have to thank these guys for their foresight. Take the DUNUNA REVERSE song for instance, that song is so prophetic. It told us what was ahead of us but we chose to dance to it…so why not continue dancing to it?


    How blind can we be? Ba Davies Mwila calls a press conference to trash the NDC resolutions and three days later Ntewewe and Isaac M. Mwanza call their own to ask the PF to man up. Think about this “…beeep….beep..” your Chinese phone rings. You pick it up, the timestamp on the message is 18:58 and the message reads “We have the responsibility of developing our nation; Let us all contribute to the betterment of our country.” Two minutes later DeadNBC brings up the headlines and you are left with no doubt that one Hakainde Hichilema is somehow excluded from this expectation.

    if he is expected to contribute too how come he WILL NOT be allowed to be president by some free-loader who has everything for nothing? Are these messages sent to magistrate Simusamba, Chitotela, Given, the Attorney General and Jean? Who knows! maybe their messages read like this “…Umfweni bane! Ulya mwibala alya mwibala but not ukulilakumo nembuto!”

    My take on all this is that the move to move our country forward is in high gear. The messages from GRZ, ba Mwila, Isaac Mwanza, DeadNBC are all subtly meant to achieve one thing. All this is a well choreographed act to discredit our lovely visionless meritorious man.The current president must be sent back to wherever we found him after the next legal opportunity to do so….





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