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    By Kwacha Times

    For quite some time now, the entire Patriotic Front (PF) media has proved that it is a worthless composition of characters who have failed to tell the people, in clear terms, what the party has achieved over time.

    Almost always, when the PF media barks, they are talking about the United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema. It is difficult to point to anything that PF media director Sunday Chanda, and his minions in this media twig of the PF, have elaborated on policy other than mentioning Hakainde this, Hakainde that.

    It would seem the name Hakainde Hichilema is an obsession, to mention by Sunday and his sycophants. Probably, they mention Hakainde more than they talk about what the OF has to offer, what is has offered and its benefits as well as why the people must again vote for them in 2021.

    By implication, many scores the PF may have made remain obscure to the people. What would happen if Hakainde was removed from the political scene? What will Sunday and his minions talk about in their elongated statements of dictionary- stolen bombastic words and sentences void of meaning and significance?

    This obsession of always discussing the persona of Hakainde, as opposed to telling the people what you’re doing and the benefits that come with it, exposes the PF in totality, of their fear for the UPND leader.

    Often times, we have heard some PF members say Hakainde is bad hearted, bitter and envious – but from where we stand, it is them who seem to be what they accuse Hakainde to be.

    But we have been on this path before. Before MMD lost power to PF in 2011, they hired all sorts of useful idiots to malign and discus the personality of late Michael Sata. The print and electronic media was full of propaganda against Sata, while the scores of the party in power MMD, remained unmentioned, and by implication, unnoticed and not known by the people. This cost MMD dearly!

    Many media fronts were hired to focus on insulting Sata, and to tell the people of Zambia of how bad, a dictator and immoral the PF founding leader was.

    Look at how that idiot Chanda Chimba –MHSRIP- propagated hate speech, lies and scandalous themes against Sata! What was the benefit to the people, in as far as the media functionality and objectivity of the MMD was concerned? Nothing.

    The people were simply looking for justification of why they should vote the MMD into power again.

    We are seeing a replica of what happened a while ago. We are tempted to believe that Sunday Chanda at the helm of media activities in the governing party – having come from MMD –has imported in PF the same behavior of focusing on attacking the persona of an opponent as opposed to telling the people of Zambia the scores of his government.

    At the center of all this is inherent fear of Hakainde. It is not difficult to realize how fearful the PF is, of the thought of Hakainde being in State House today. The behavior of the PF media team tell so much about their deep seated fears.

    Do they talk more against Hakainde than discussing their own policies because they have nothing to show, and substantiate as scores and benefits to the people?

    Each time a statement is birthed by Sunday, there is a name of Hakainde this and Hakainde that and this again. Those statements have no bearing and influence whatsoever. We may not like Hakainde, but let us be objective and agree that when he talks, he has more sense to talk about than the entire PF media machinery.

    What is clear too is that, those hogwash and stupid statements from Sunday and his dogs have no influence on anyone other than on their own demons. It is like when they fashion a long statement with bombastic words stolen from the dictionary, they develop deep affection of their self-ego, on how eloquent they sound. But all this is stupid, considering the objectivity is not reached. People will not eat the persona of Hakainde, as they want to have us believe that the UPND leader is bad hearted. People want you to substantiate the cost of the so-called infrastructure development, and many other things you’re doing. The people are interested in articulation of policy and not telling them how Hakainde is a tribalist.

    This has a bearing on Edgar’s chances of re-election. Sunday and his gang of dogs in his media have nothing beneficial to offer to Edgar and the entire PF.

    Courteousy of Kwacha Times.


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