Why Should Ministers Lose So Many Man Hours Just Seeing Off Or Receiving The President At The Airport?-See Details

    Why Should Ministers Lose So Many Man Hours Just Seeing Off Or Receiving The President At The Airport?-Access Full Details Below


    By Yona Musukwa

    Comrades, just see the nonsense that continue to reproduce deep rooted poverty, unemployment and inequality.

    All these senior government officials are here, wasting time that will never be recovered, just to say goodbye to President Lungu who was heading to Northern Province.

    Comrades, do you know how many productive man hours is lost every year by these people just standing at the airport recieving and escorting a President? What about the costs of having all these Ministers, Permanent, Secretaries, Mayors, Directors, and many others waiting at the Airport for 2 hours just to dish out bootylicking smiles at the President or shake hands for a few seconds?


    Fellow country men, let’s abandon some of these non productive and nonsensical behavior. We know you love your boss, but this is a bit too much. In fact it is comical. You are with him in a cabinet meeting in the morning, in the afternoon, you spend 2 hours at the airport just to say goodbye.


    You are not going to die, neither is he, if you don’t go there wasting government time and resources for goodbyes.

    Bad habits Must Fall!


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