Wina, Lubinda, Likando To Be Summoned By The Litunga Over Changes To Constitution-See Details

    Wina, Lubinda, Likando To Be Summoned By The Litunga Over Changes To Constitution-Access Full Details Below


    Former Barotseland prime minister Clement Sinyinda has advised the Litunga to summon senior Lozs championing the current process to amputate the constitution.

    Sinyinda believes that one of the proposed changes to the constitution is aimed at erasing Barotseland from the map. The proposed change to the constitution will give untrammelled power to the president to divide a province or merge two or more provinces as he or she wishes without consulting parliament.

    Munyinda has therefore asked the current prime minister of Barotseland to summon vice-president Inonge Wina, minister of Justice Given Lubinda, Attorney-General Likando Kalaluka, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini and Lubinda Mwanalushi, the old man who was used to chair the National Dialogue Forum.

    There is consternation in Barotseland that it’s own people mentioned above are being used to change the constitution to the detriment of Barotseland.

    The officials mentioned above thought they were fighting UPND by creating diabolical changes to the constitution.

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