Home Forces Full list of ZAF successful applicant 2018-Intake List

Full list of ZAF successful applicant 2018-Intake List

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2018 Zambia Air-force Intake List

Many Zambia youths applied for jobs in the Zambia Air-force (ZAF) 2018 but less are selected.

So, the Zambian N.ews source  ZAF and picked the list of successful applicants when the commander was out

How to Check Zambia Air-force (ZAF) 2018

to access the List kindly login the ZAF website

About Zambia Air Force

Zambia Air Force is a small air force that developed from the Northern Rhodesian Air Wing as well as the former Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Air Force. In recent years the aircraft inventory has largely been updated with Chinese aircraft reflecting the increasing closeness between the Zambian Defence Force and China. During 1999 eight Karakorum-8 jet trainers were delivered and in 2006 Zambia Air Force received two Xian MA60 and five Yakovlev Yak-12 transport aircraft from China. During March 2012 a further eight K-8 were received. Four Harbin Z-9 helicopters were delivered during June 2012, with a further four delivered by March 2013 (when one of the new aircraft was lost in an accident, see below)


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