Zambia Army Recruitment Application 2019- full Requirement

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Zambia Army recruitment Application 2019

below are the Zambia Army recruitment Application Process 2019/2020, see full details below

How to Apply for Zambia Army Recruitment 2019/2020

Access Zambia Army recruitment Application Process 2019/2020 via the  recruitment website

Many Zambia youths applied for jobs in the Zambia Zambia Army 2019

So, the Zambian News source is Pleased to keep you updated


Kindly note that the Zambia Army Form is yet to be released online if you want to be notified once the form is released kindly comment using the comment box below.

beware of Scammers, Zambia Army Recruitment is free don’t give your money to fraudster parading themselves and claiming they are in charge of the recruitment, kindly login to the website portal to get genuine information


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  1. Soko Dalisoul says:

    I Will Really Appreciate For Your Update.
    Please Add Me To The Recruitment

  2. Soko Dalisoul says:


  3. kapembwa simwinga says:

    please i will appreciate if you can update me, i really want join the army.

  4. I will surely appreciate if informed me

  5. please help I will surely appreciate if you informed me

  6. Comment:thank you

  7. phiri Davis says:

    Comment:I will really appreciate if you include me please

  8. mutafela kakundu says:

    Thank you for your promise to update me

  9. Mutafela Kakundu says:

    Thank you for your promise to update me, looking forward to more

  10. Thomas Mwamba says:

    i appreciate in advance

  11. Alick Mambwe says:

    Comment:i will appreciate if you will update me, I really want to join the army

  12. Alick Mambwe says:

    Comment:i will appreciate if you will inform me, I really want to join the army

  13. Ruth says:

    Keep me informed please

  14. Lubinda Namakando says:

    i will be very grateful for the updates..

  15. Please I really need to join the army I will appreciate if granted

  16. Joseph sinyangwe says:

    I really want to join it’s a training I have been waiting and interested for so long,and I will thankful

  17. Sylvester Chimanga says:

    I will really appreciate if you can update me

  18. Justine kunda says:

    Comment:I would love if I was among the ones recruited. Justine Kunda
    0976779001 grade 12 school leaver with fairly good results

  19. gift maliwa says:

    please inform me once they start

  20. Rhodahgift kalufyanya says:

    I will be waiting

  21. Mukosi mukena says:

    I really want to join Zambia Army I’m a diploma holder in clinical officer General

  22. Cleo says:

    I will really be grateful if you will update me on when you will be recruiting .

  23. Alison phiri says:

    Thanks , please do inform me it’s my dream to be a soldier

  24. abel says:

    i look forward to recruited

  25. abel says:

    i appreciate the information given please look into my application

  26. Lombe says:

    I look forward to be notified once the form is released

  27. Francis mumba says:

    Am looking forward to be updated if the form is ready

  28. Austine Mwangala says:

    Please notify me …

  29. Simon says:

    Notify us when the form are ready

  30. Timmy silavwe says:

    Please keep me in touch

  31. Silupya Darson says:

    I really in need of this job to be a part of Zambia army force and this has been my dream always so am just asking you to inform me when they will be the commencing of the recruitment…please my fellow citizens do it for me either those who are already working or not but as long as you receive the information update me on this line 0760169563

  32. Patrick says:

    Loyalty, duty ,respect, responsibility , honour & service to our beloved mother Zambia

  33. Chingembu Danson says:

    I really want to join this job am eager to work for my country.waiting to hear from you soon?

  34. Kelly says:

    Pleas notify me.

  35. Jacqueline Phiri says:

    I want to join Zambia army I will appreciate if you could keep me updated.

  36. luwi siamuleya says:

    please notify me once the application form is online. thanks

  37. Thomas mwamba says:

    please keep me in touch

  38. John M Mutale says:

    Patiently waiting……

  39. simon lungu says:


  40. Kilumelume Naachi says:

    Please u update me

  41. Moffat Banda says:

    Comment:help me please

  42. Bwalya Kate Mututubanya says:

    please update me

  43. fredrick mushota says:

    Comment:update me please

  44. Please update or notify me when they i’ll start

  45. Please update me when they will stert recruiting

  46. brandon says:

    Are they start applying

  47. Femmy Hamvumba says:

    need update too

  48. Samuel kapembwa says:

    Comment:I would like to be a part of the great movement for a better tomorrow. I really want to serve my country in that manner.

  49. Samuel Levy NYONDO says:

    Plz an update

  50. charles musanshi says:

    kindly put us up to date
    Charles musanshi

  51. HARRISON says:

    I will be glad if you inform.

  52. Simwaka David says:

    Comment: I will really appreciated for you update

  53. SPENCER.E.kamangu says:

    I have skills and ability for this job I believe.because have been looking for this job when i completed my grade twelve exams.

  54. Baxter mweemba says:


  55. Baxter mweemba says:

    I would love to join the forces

  56. Simwaka David says:

    Simwaka David November 18,2019 at 21:06
    I will really appreciated for your information am willing to to join
    Zambia army its my carrier 0971176582/0960189118

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