list of Zambian Defence Force successful applicant 2018-Intake List

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Zambian Defence Force successful applicant 2018-

Many Zambia youths applied for jobs in the Zambian Defence Force 2018 but less are selected.

So, the Zambian N.ews source  ZAF and picked the list of successful applicants when the commander was out

How to Check Zambian Defence Force 2018

to access the List kindly login the ZAF website

About Zambia Air Force

The Zambian Defence Force (ZDF) comprises the military forces of Zambia. It consists of the Zambian Army, the Zambian Air Force, and the Zambia National Service, a civil defence and public works organisation. The ZDF was formed at Zambian independence on 1 January 1964, from constituent units of the dissolved Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Armed Forces. During the 1970s and 1980s, it played a key role in a number of regional conflicts, namely the South African Border War and Rhodesian Bush War. Being a landlocked country Zambia has no navy, although the Zambian Army maintains a maritime patrol unit for maintaining security on inland bodies of water


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